Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The green business case in Europe

Sometimes a committment to sustainability at the heart of your business pays off - big time. The headlines of the Financial Times in Europe this past weekend read "France an UK push for green tax cuts". Seems that the new leaders in charge of France (Sarkozy) and the UK (Brown) have wasted no time putting the environment first and foremost.

Their main plan is to implement lower Value Added Tax (VAT) on emergy saving goods and services.

Sarkozy was quoted "It is unfair that a polluting car costs less than a car that does not pollute."

The business case cannot get any clearer. Now let's see how long it takes, and how many hoops have to be jumped through for this scheme to actually be implemented!


Ron said...

To all members of CAI, mayor, governor and head of governments,

Dear Sir,
As you are fully aware of the recent reports releash by IPCC , Sir Nicholas Stern and now Mr.Achim Steiner Chief of UNEP is urging the international community "to ever greater action" on tackling climate change. 60% of ghg emission comes from the transportation sector, and 15% to 30% from the shipping industry alone.
We are inviting cities with heavy traffic ghg pollutions to conduct free 2weeks trial to reduce belching smog from traffics in these cities, without any obligations.
Any city or mayor/governor interested can contact us for an arrangement to run the trial on a range of vehicles of their choice.
Thank you.
Ron Tan
Global Marketing Director,

Anonymous said...

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