Thursday, October 11, 2007

We want to work for the good guys

Graduates seek out socially responsible companies as employers, according to PWC research.

In a study of 2739 graduates from China, USA and UK published by PWC earlier this week, 86.9% of all the graduates questioned said that they actively seek out employers whose corporate social responsibility behavior reflects their own. 90% of the graduates from the USA agreed to this statement compared to 87.2% in China and 71% in the UK. The graduates were questioned as part of a larger study about their expectations of work and careers.

Employees and prospective employees are some of the most important audiences for sustainability reports. People want to work for companies that share the same values as they do. Although there have never been more people on earth as there are now, all reports say that finding and keeping great staff have never been harder.

There is a category in the GRI Readers Choice Awards for best report from the perspective of employees. Get online and score your employers report today!

Source: 'Managing Tomorrow’s People: The Future of Work to 2020

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